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Leadville & Twin Lakes, Colorado

"Stopping off in Leadville for an hour or two hardly cracks the door on this town's past . . . staying a couple of days or longer allows a chance to fully enjoy the town and its intensely beautiful surroundings."
- The Colorado Guide

If you are planning to camp in the Leadville/Twin Lakes area, there are a large variety of fine campgrounds & RV Parks to choose from. The table below compares all the Greater Leadville Area campgrounds and Recreational Vehicle parks. For more information on advertisers, see the Campground & RV Park Directory page. To examine the locations of campsites in the Leadville Area view the Campground Maps.


X=Yes O=Some Units

F = Flush , V = Vault

CG = Campground, RV = Recreational Vehicle
Leadville RV Corral 34 X 33 $15
X F X X X X X X     X  
Sugar Loafin' Campground 33 X 98 $19
X F X X X X X X X   X  
Abe Lee Parking 3         V                   X
Baby Doe Campground 9 X 50 $12 X F X X   X     X     X
Belle of Colorado 8 Tent 19 $11 X F X     X     X     X
Big Mac Parking 28         V X                 X
Butcher Boy Picnic Area 2         V X     X     X   X X
Crystal Lakes           V                   X
Deception Point Parking 25         V X                 X
Dexter Point 30 RV 24 $8 X V X             X X X
Elbert Creek Campgound   X 17 $8 X V X           X      
Father Dyer Campground 14 X 26 $12 X F X O   X            
Half Moon East   X 6 $8 X V X               X  
Half Moon West   X 16 $8 X V X                  
Lady of Lake Picnic Area 13       X F X     X     X   X X
Lakeview Campground 26 X 59 $9 X V X         X X      
Leadville Junction Trailhead           V       X            
Maid of Erin Picnic Area 5       X F X     X     X   X X
Matchless Boat Ramp 11       X F X     X     X X   X
Mayqueen Campground 1 X 27 $11 X V X O   X     X     X
Missouri Gulch           V                    
Moache parking 21                             X
Molly Brown Campground 7 X 49 $12 X F X O   X X   X     X
Mosquito View Overlook 16                              
Mount Elbert Angler Parking 27         V X               X X
Mountain View Parking 32         V X                 X
Parry Peak Campground 19 X 26 $9 X V X           X      
Praying Angel Parking 23         V X                 X
Printer Boy Group 10 X 4 $25 X F X X   X X X        
Red Rooster Boat Ramp 22         V X             X   X
Shimmering Point Overlook 17                              
Silver Dollar Campground 6 X 43 $12 X F X O   X            
Sugar Loaf Dam 4                             X
Sunnyside Parking 31         V X                 X
Tabor Boat Ramp 12 X 49 $10 X F X     X     X X   X
Tennessee Pass Trailhead           V                    
Twin Lakes Historic District 20         V             X      
Twin Peaks Campground 18 X 37 $9 X V X                  
Valley View Overlook 15                              
Whistler Point Parking 29         V X                 X
Whitestar Campgound 24 X 66 $10 X V X O     X          
Winfield Trailhead           V             X