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The Colorful History of Leadville & Twin Lakes, Colorado

Walk in the footsteps of Horace Tabor and Doc Holliday!

The Leadville, Colorado area could be said to be the center of Colorado's history. Fortunes were made from the rich mineral deposits of the area, and legends were built from the colorful people who made Leadville & Twin Lakes their home. We invite you to explore our Directory of Local History Stories & Historic Areas, Museums & Products:

Leadville, Colorado Area History Directory

Colorado History Stories & Information
Colorado Historic Areas, Museums & Products

Colorado History Stories & Information

Leadville Time Line - travel through time and explore the history of the Leadville area, from yesterday to today.

Leadville Area Ghost Towns - Visit some of Colorado's History

Doc Holliday ... After the OK Corral - With the O.K. Corral killings and the murders that followed, few folks have really paid attention to what the dentist/gunfighter/gambler Doc Holliday did after leaving Arizona in May of 1882.

The Story of Horace and Baby Doe Tabor - without a doubt Colorado's most legendary couple, who made and then lost millions! And it all started in Leadville!

The Story of Jefferson Randolph (Soapy) Smith - a tale of how one man tried to "clean up the town".

Gold & Silver! - In the spring of 1860, prospectors discovered what was to be called California Gulch; the rush was on to what is now Lake, Chaffee & Park Counties of Colorado.

Lake County War - Some of the most infamous and wild times in the history of the west occurred in Colorado's Fourteener Country, especially during what was called, "the Lake County wars".

Murder of Judge Dyer - The few who struggled to maintain law and order in early Fourteener Country frequently paid the price.

Stagecoach Robbery Mystery - The scheduling of stagecoach gold shipments from the area's mines was a well guarded secret. In spite of this security, robberies were occurring much too often...

Family Genealogy - Locate Your Leadville Ancestors.

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Colorado Historic Areas, Museums & Products


Leadville, Colorado Historic Walking Tour -
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Leadville contains one of Colorado's largest National Historic Landmark District, consisting of over 70 square blocks, which was designated by Congress in 1966. It’s a beautiful and interesting area for a short walk anytime of year. This virtual tour is a brief peek into the history of some of the district’s more interesting buildings.

National Mining Hall of Fame & Museum
National Mining Hall of Fame & Museum - P.O. Box 981; Leadville, CO; 80461
phone: 719-486-1229; fax: 719-486-3927
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A monument to the men and women who pioneered the discovery, development and processing of our nation's natural resources. Mining's colorful history is showcased throughout the facility, which is the only federally-chartered non-profit national mining museum. Called the ‘Smithsonian of the Rockies’, the exhibits are numerous and fascinating.

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