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Winter Activities & Recreation
Fun in the Snow at the Top of the Rockies

Leadville, Twin Lakes, Lake County

Winter Activities & Recreation Directory
Leadville, Colorado & Twin Lakes, Colorado

Leadville is a winter paradise!

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From "family" downhill skiing & snowboarding to extreme alpine cross-country skiing, from snowshoeing to snowmobiling, to a slow-paced sight-seeing & shopping trip on a scenic snowy day, the Leadville area has it all EXCEPT the crowds.

The closest ski area is 10 miles from town. If you want to visit Vail or Breckenridge while you are in the area, you can be there from Leadville in a short, 45-minute scenic drive.

Leadville and Twin Lakes are not glitzy resorts crowded with condos; rather they are quaint, historic mining towns located in high mountian valleys which are surrounded with snow-capped peaks. They are friendly, unpretentious little places that create great memories without straining your budget.

We suggest you seek lodging arrangements prior to your visit. See the Leadville & Twin Lakes Lodging & Accommodations Directory.