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Historic Walking Tour of Leadville, Colorado

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2. Healy House

Walk southeast from the parking lot to Harrison Avenue.

The three story house on the southeast corner of Harrison and Tenth is the Healy House. Originally a two-story structure, the Healy House was built in 1878 by August R. Meyer, a mining engineer from St. Louis who established the first ore sampling works in Leadville. Sold in 1881, the house eventually became the property of Daniel Healy, who leased it as a boardinghouse from 1897 to 1902. In 1898 a third story was added to accommodate more boarders, most of them schoolteachers. The Dexter Cabin, an exclusive poker club for wealthy gentlemen, sits next door to the Healy House. The Healy House and Dexter Cabin are public museums operated by the Colorado Historical Society during the summer months.

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